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Luxury Accommodation

three magnificent LUXURIOUS Cliff-top Retreats IN THE RIVERLAND, on the river murray, SOUTH AUSTRALIA


Luxury Riverland AccommodationThe Frames is a new experience in luxury accommodation.  It offers three opulent and private residences, each exquisitely tailored to help couples rejuvenate, relax and fall in love all over again.

Put yourself in the picture........

Above all else, this is a place for ROMANTIC GETAWAYS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS, HONEYMOONS, AND A CHANCE FOR couples to re-connect with each other. For these reasons and more, The Frames is a place to love.

Three Unique Retreats

each with their own sense of style and uniqueness

Secluded, yes, and sensual, too. Surrender to your own private pool, spa and sauna, feel embraced by the river, sky and stars.  Nothing to distract.  Nothing left wanting.  The very best of everything.

"Ultimate Luxury.  Everything we could have hoped for.  Exceeded our expectations.  Classy, exceptional design, high end luxury..........."  TripAdvisor

One of the many defining characteristics of The Frames is the original artwork, especially created by a local artist Garry Duncan, to reflect the influences that created The Frames. With the different artwork styles in mind, we have named the retreats Pastiche, Montage and Collage.

About The Experience

Finest modern fit-out and appointments

Nothing has been spared.  The ultimate in guest facilities.  The Frames redefines the  expectations of luxury and  creates a sensory wonderland that works it s magic on all who stay.

"It's rare to find such quality and so many features in five-star accommodation.  A private lap pool (with fountain and lights!) and spa for each unit.  And saunas in the one-bedroom units!.  Magnificently appointed and excellent (full) kitchens.  They're the sort of places you'll just want to hang around in to absorb the luxury and ambience........"  TripAdvisor


The Size

Large, open, light-filled space

Each retreat is large, open and offers total privacy through-out, both inside and outdoors.  It is your space and there won't be any unwanted intrusions.

The Harmony

Privacy and seclusion are preserved  

Sculptured into the cliff face with majestic views of the River Murray providing complete luxury, privacy and a total sense of seclusion.

The Ecology

Eco-beneficial design

As an eco-certified tourism business with an approved environmental action plan, The Frames is committed  to enabling an ensuring our guests and staff to act and think responsibly  when using vital natural resources. 

These range from minimising our energy use  by:

LED lighting and lights sensors

Double glazing

Passive flow ventilation

Solar heating of pools

Louvered windows and screen shades

Water conservation

Capture and store rainwater

Surfactant to minimise evaporation in pools

Strategic landscaping and paving

Ozzi-clean bio-sewerage system (reclaimable water)


The Romance

A romantic experience

Luxury, private retreats where a couple can re-kindle, re-connect or celebrate that special occasion and create a memorable experience.

"I decided to surprise my partner with a trip to The Frames for her 35th birthday.  It was even better than we could have imagined.  Everything is absolutely spectacular, from the accommodation itself, the views and serenity, the personal chef (amazing food!) and the gondola ride down the Murray - Rick and Cathy you truly have created a memorable experience!".......... TripAdvisor

The Excitement

The joy of peace and quiet

Renmark and surrounds provide wonderful experiences to enjoy. There’s lot’s to see and do, including local gourmet foods, quality local wines, a boutique brewery, a unique rose garden and unspoilt, natural landscapes including enchanting backwater creeks. And then again, at The Frames you can do absolutely nothing and just absorb the luxury. 

A Sense of Place

Relaxing. Reinvigorating. Recharging.

Situated in Paringa in South Australia’s Riverland, The Frames  is set on a cliff-top overlooking the River Murray  providing majestic views of the river and its surrounds.

Whilst sitting around your private pool or sitting on the balcony overlooking the river you get the complete sense of place.  Some where to relax, reinvigorate and recharge your inner self.

Dining at The Frames

Choose from the gourmet options below and enjoy fine dining in-house.

Two and three course meals are prepared ready to heat and serve. Gourmet BBQ packs come ready to cook and serve ... or choose to have your own personal chef prepare and serve your meal.

Prepared and ready to heat up and serve

Two course meals,  $100 (couple)

Three Course Meal  $145 (couple)

Ready to cook on the BBQ
Gourmet BBQ with salad$100 (couple)

Supreme BBQ with salad $120 (couple)

A personal chef to cook an a-la carte 3 course meal in your own private retreat $300 (couple)

read more about dining at the frames


Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

Pastiche, Montage and Collage

Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

A place to love.


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