The Frames Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

Our Top 10 tips for the Ultimate Luxury Romantic Weekend


#1 After your arrival take your loved one out onto the balcony, ask them to take a seat and relax whilst you bring out the bubbles

#2 Having taken in the beautiful views of the Murray River whilst sipping your bubbles, pop you’re your deluxe bathrobes on and head to your own private sauna and then relax in your private spa

#3 Knowing what is yet to come (you’ve pre-arranged a gourmet dining in experience) you can start to feel yourself relax in your luxurious surroundings

#4 Have your beautifully prepared gourmet dinner by candle light and enjoy a local red or white wine

#5 Finish the evening with some handmade chocolates and port back on the balcony or snuggle up on the couch and watch a romantic comedy together


#6 Wake up a little earlier than your loved one and prepare a scrumptious gourmet breakfast of free range eggs, smoky bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and toast. Pour out a couple of orange juices that is from our citrus orchard. Prepare some coffee and take it all out to the outdoor alfresco dining area.

#7 Tell your loved one to get ready for a trip of a lifetime touring the River and its secret backwater creeks. Share just of few of the wonderful things they will see- native wildlife (a koala sleeping peacefully on the branch of a gum tree, emus, kangaroos and a multitude of birdlife

#8 Return to your private retreat and take a swim in your own private pool and perhaps a quick sauna and spa.

#9 Enjoy together a romantic sunset cruise in The Frames Wooden Gondola gently coursing the river. Watch the sunset through the mighty river gums on the banks and see the glorious changes in the Riverland skies and the river cliffs.

#10 Take your drink out onto the balcony and enjoy the stars of the night time Riverland sky together.

Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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