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River Red Gums On The Murray River

They line the majority of the Murray’s riverbanks and have been measured to grow as high as 45 meters. Their trunks enormous and have been measured at over three meters in diameter.

Their leaves can provide Eucalyptus oil that is well known in the pharmaceutical industry used in cough lozenges, inhalations, liniments and mouth washes

These trees are distinguishable with their dark green leaves that make a canopy large enough so that the ground below them is often bare.  The trunks change in colour from greys to browns, the wood is red, branches are often twisted and you can usually find their tree roots exposed.

From time-to-time these trees need times of flood making the perfect to line the riverbanks.  In these time seeds are washed along the river, germinate and begin to grow ready before the next flood.

Reptiles and other animals and insects take refuge in them and you’ll often see birds (such as galahs, sulphur-crested cockatoos, gang-gang cockatoos, cockatiels and various parrots) nesting in old hollows and rotting limbs. 

So next time you’re down by the river, don’t forget to look up once in a while and see the life above you.

Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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