The Frames Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

Birthdays at The Frames

So you don't want this year to be just another Birthday!  This year you want to do something out of the ordinary, something that will leave a lasting impact, a memory for a lifetime.

Well lucky you have come to the right place.  Lets explore a short but not exhaustive list and see what a Birthday at The Frames could look like:

  • Arrive at your private retreat nestled on a cliff-top overlooking the magnifficent Murray River!
  • Open the door and enter a haven of luxury and technological wonder
  • Throw your bag down and fall onto the comfiest of beds - oh and it even gives you a massage!
  • Um - then you wonder around, you notice that everything you ever imagined is at your fingertips...
  • You take sauna, or a spa, or just have a leisurely swim.
  • What's that?  You're hungry now - then you hear a knock at the door and you remeber you booked you own personal chef to cook your meal of choice tonight.
  • You'd like a nice beer or a wine to accompany your dinner (hint just open the fridge).
  • Your Music is playing as the sun is setting over the river - do you dine on the deck or inside tonight?
  • What to do tomorrow?
  • You have generous breakfast and BBQ provisions and options galore to consider?
  • A walk amongst nature?
  • A ride on our electric bikes?
  • Or do you take a Backwaters Secrets Adventure all the way to Wilkadenne Woolshed Brewery?
  • Or do you take a sunset cruise abord our Century Old Gondola?

Safe to say the choices are endless and I guess these wonderful things could suit many special occasions.  Special is what where great at - so don't hesitate to ask and we'll see if we can make it happen.

Happy Birthday!

Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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