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10 things you didn’t know about The Frames

Have wondered as to how The Frames Luxury Villas were named or why the three villas are positioned on the cliff top? Maybe you didn’t know that exclusive tours are run just for guests or that you can arrive by helicopter!

We answer all your questions today, just read on to learn a little bit more about The Frames.

1. How did the Frames get its name?

When we were building The Frames, we found that the structure of the villas seemed to frame aspects of the river. Segmented views that the eye was naturally drawn to.
Have you noticed that our logo is the shape of the three villas when viewed from above and just so happened to resemble the letter ‘e’.

2. You will feel like there’s no one else around

Architect Paul Pruszinski designed The Frames with beauty and functionality in mind. The three villas were built next to one another but also at angles that provide seclusion and privacy to their guests.
Overlooking the Murray River, the balconies open up towards the west, to capture the afternoon sun.

3. Local products are showcased throughout

From beer, wine, gin and brandy to almonds, oranges, coffee and eggs. Wherever possible, local products are sourced for you to enjoy during your stay because we love supporting local.
The in-villa dining menu also utilises local ingredients such as locally farmed Murray Cod, capers, almonds and other seasonal fresh produce.

4. Each villa has its own theme

To bring character to each villa, we commissioned the work of renowned local artist, Garry Duncan to create three unique artworks. Reflecting the Murray River, three themes and artworks emerged from Garry’s imagination. With Garry’s unmistakable style, three themes emerged; Natural, Contemporary and Moody. Can you guess which villa is which?

5. Cruise the river with a local guide

We have tailored bespoke experiences that help you discover the Murray River and the Riverland because we are passionate about our home town and we want you to experience as a local would. Let yourself become immersed in the natural river environment with a sunset gondola cruiser or a half day river cruise. Your local guide sharing the local secrets with you.
Or taste the Riverland with private tour and tastings of distilleries, breweries and wineries.

6. You can walk to Renmark from your villa

The township of Renmark is a gentle 4km walk from your villa. Stroll over the Paringa Bridge and along the trail to the Renmark riverfront where you can view the PS Industry, Argo Barge and walk the entire length of the iconic river front. If you’re interested in history, join a walk with local a historian and learn more about the past which shaped Renmark and the Riverland as we know it today.

7. You might spot a koala from the balcony

Directly across the river from your villas is a river bend with a forest of red gums. Occasionally at the top of these tall trees you might see a koala. Believed to be brought here in 1959, there is a very small population of koalas, seen with a keen eye. Just the other morning, we spotted a koala further around the bed snuggling into what looks to us as a rather uncomfortable bed, but to them, there is no other place they’d rather be.

8. You can arrive by helicopter

Arriving by car is so 2016, arrive by helicopter instead and get a fantastic aerial view over the Murray River on your way. Have a chat to our friends at South Coast Helicopter about their chartered flights which will land right next door to your riverside retreat.

9. We have power assisted bikes

No one likes that burning feeling in your calves when pedalling up a steep hill, so it’s lucky that the Riverland is relatively flat, except for one small hill The Frames is perched upon. Make the ride easier with our power assisted bikes and explore nearby Paringa Paddock with new trails through the bush environment. You might even spot a koala.

10. The Frames are self-contained villas

From a private laundry (that we hope you don’t have to use) to a fully equipped kitchen, your villa will feel like home.

Your villa is large, open and spacious, giving you the freedom to completely relax into the space. Enjoy a morning spa and afterwards, prepare breakfast with fresh provisions and local coffee. Of course, best served on the balcony overlooking the Murray River.

We hope you were surprised with some facts you didn’t know about The Frames, are you ready for your romantic escape?

Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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Luxury accommodation in the Riverland

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